Relaxing activities

Do In

Do In is a form of self-massage where awaken your muscles and blood vessels to a new day. The movements and presses expand the blood vessels, activate the energy pathways and stimulate the muscles. Despite that Do In is easy to do, it is an excellent way to stay in shape. On top of that, it´s very enjoyable.

Qi gong

A method originating from traditional Chinese medicine. Studies show that qi gong has a dampening effect on stress. The movements increase body awareness, provide deeper breathing and better posture. Qi gong opens up and balances the energy paths in the body and contributes to a more vital body and an open mind.


Did you know that meditation is hard work for the brain. Research shows that people who meditate regularly are less driven by their emotions and have a better ability to look objectively at past and current events and happenings. Zen meditation is one of the oldest and most proven techniques for practicing presence and peace of mind. Be like the old Zen monks!


Group: 45 people/group
Time: 30 minutes
Price: 4900 SEK excl. VAT

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