Origami & Calligraphy


Learn the Japanese art of paper folding that originated in the 1700s in Japan. During this time they used the beautifully skulpted paper models as decoration at ceremonies. Today, orgami is both a popular hobby and a respected art form in Japan. During the course you will learn how to make the paper models without using glue or scissors. You start with a basic box and move on to more advance models.

Group: Max 20 people


The art of writing with ink and brush. Japanese calligraphy is used with both pen and brush and can be used as a way of conveying a message or an opportunity to vent their artistic spirit. In this course, you will learn more about the Japanese calligraphy and after going through the basics and rules in calligraphy, you will get the chance to create your own beautiful lettering.

Group: Max 15 people

Price and time

Time: 60 min.
Price: 5500 SEK excluding VAT

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