We will not offert Yasuragi Kids in the summer period due to our reconstruction of the Japanese bath.

Yasuragi Kids is when we welcome the whole family to Yasuragi. Unlike many other family facilities, we have no babysitting. The idea is that you get time together in a peaceful environment. Choose if you want to stay overnight or come over the day. Welcome!

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Treatments for kids!

Here we present our spa menu for kids! These treatments are available for youngsters between the ages of 8 and 12 years. If you are 13 or older you are welcome to book from our regular treatment menu .



A Japanese massage technique that uses soft pressure and lighter stretching along the body’s energy channels and acupuncture points. Guests wear their yukata during treatment.

20 minutes SEK 400.

Head harmony

Scalp treatment includes a massage of the scalp, neck, shoulders.

20 minutes SEK 400.

Face Harmony

A relaxing facial that begins with a gentle cleansing followed by a pleasant massage of the face and neck. The treatment is customized to individual needs!

20 minutes SEK 400.

Yasuragi Spa Massage

Deeply relaxing and soothing massage for the back and neck using products from Elemis. The treatment begins with a gentle dry brushing.

20 minutes SEK 400.

Fish Spa – Fish Pedicure

Perhaps you have heard of this treatment in which small Garra Rufa fish remove dead skin particles from the feet. Don’t be alarmed. This is a fun and effective treatment, and some say it feels like to have your feet soaking in bubbling champagne! Tingling good fun! Perfect activity for kids and parents.

20 minutes SEK 200.