The Yasuragi Effect

Have you ever longed for things to change? Whether it be in your life, in your relations or at a corporate level. In order to make a profound transformation we often need time to look within and make room for reflection with others.

At Yasuragi, the only Japanese Spa- and Conference Hotel in the Nordics, beautifully situated just 20 minutes from Stockholm we give you the tools to help you find that place where insights, creativity and empathy can thrive. In a setting surrounded by nature and overlooking the sea, you will find a unique place where the main focus is to create meetings and events that leaves people rejuvenated and full of energy.

Yasuragi has created a strong position in the market by offering a concept that takes the whole human being in consideration. Through our holistic business idea Yasuragi has since more than 20 years offered the things that today's research shows provide both more effective meetings and more creative employees. More on