Ryokan is a traditional Japanese guesthouse.

At Yasuragi, Ryokan is a suite. It is a large room with panorama windows and behind the Japanese Shoji paper blinds there is a balcony. The decor is sparse, the floor is covered in geniune tatami mats that are soft and very pleasant to walk on. At the low table, one can enjoy a meal while sitting on cushions on the floor. Also just like in Japan you sleep on a futon. The beautiful bathroom has large windows, a hot spring and several ablution areas with pails and bathtubs. The only things reminding you of the outside world are the magnificent view of the sea, and the pine trees. You never have to leave your room if you don´t want to. When you want a cup of tea or to order some food your Naki-san (service attendant) will bring it to your room. Current prices and special offers can be found under Packages in the main menu.