Hanare means ”away from” or seclusion in Japanese.

For those of your looking for an exclusive and unique experience we recommend Ryokan Hanare. This is our finest and most luxurious suite. It is decorated with beautiful materials such as cedar and slate. There are two bedrooms that are covered in geniune tatami mats, which are soft and pleasant to walk on. There is a futon on the floor, just like in Japan. The living room has a dining area that seats up to 6 people and a rock garden. One of the walls In the bathroom there is a window wall that lets in soft daylight in the ablution room. It has hot springs both indoors and outdoors, as well as, a sauna. There is a large patio running along side the room. For the best possible service in a room with such true Japanese spirit we include your own Nakai-san (service attendant). This room offers a very special experience in complete privacy, if you wish. Sleeps up to 6 people. Only the sea and pine trees remind you of the outside world. Current prices and special offers can be found under Packages in the main menu.