Outdoor Training


Tabata is a Japanese training method named after Izumi Tabata. Exercise with and for the entire body – fitness, strength, mobility and balance. Exercises that involve big as small muscle groups while challenging your posture and balance. A variant effective interval training – 20 active and intense seconds are alternated with 10 s rest. A tabata interval consists of 8 intervals

Core exercise

Exercise of the abdomen and back, mainly the inner and deep stabilizing muscles. The center of the body is at the center and is the hub of everything we do – in everyday life and in training. A stable and strong core holds our movements together.

Running with technique and intervals

Running is a fantastic and simple form of training. Here we focus on running technique and intervals with the aim of becoming both stronger and faster as runners. There are great opportunities to adapt the running pass for the participants and level.

Nordic Walking

Effective cardio training. The rods also work excellently for strength training and mobility training. We provide rods.

Number of participants: up to 20 people, more on request
Time: 30, 45 or 60 minutes
Price: 5400 kr excl VAT / activity

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