Activities on the water

RIB archipelago race

A fast-paced navigation and communication competition for both land crabs and seafarers. You are divided into teams and get your own RIB boat with skipper. During time pressure, the team must navigate to vulnerable positions and solve tasks. The boats master all kind of lake and maneuver the properties and the power of the engines invites for a euphoric feeling. All passengers are equipped with floating overalls, life jackets, wind glasses and a hat. Coffee break is included in both options. Alternative 2 also includes laser shooting.

Time: about 1.5 hours
Price: SEK 295 per person excl. VAT + SEK 10,000 excl VAT in basic fee / boat.
Each boat takes 12 people.


Kayaking is so much more than just to paddle. Sliding almost almost silently over the water surface is an experience beyond the ordinary. The calm paddles create a strong, conscious presence that gives power, and the proximity to the water enhances the nature experience.

Time: about 3 hours
Price: SEK 595 per person excl. VAT + SEK 5 500 kr  excl VAT basic fee.

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