With Japan in our DNA. In 1970 LO Bought land on Hasseludden and the Japanese architect Yoji Kaskima designed the premises. The result was a large and vast building that is nestled among the trees and follows the natural contours of the terrain. During the 90´s, there was a decline in the need for such classes and trainings and the school closed down. Hasseludden became a regular conference facility. The former CEO, Lena Tryggstad, noticed a need for new ideas in order to get it going again. Only a unique concept would do! The Japanese lifestyle fascinated Lena and became a source of inspiration that lives on today. Through ancient traditions the hardworking Japanese discovered techniques for recovering. Through the years, the staff at Yasuragi have been on many field trips to Japan. On our first trip to Japan, we visited a feng shui master who studied drawings and recommended making several adjustments in order to increase profits. In 1997 the new concept with Japanese bath was introduced with inspiration from the Japanese Ryokan and Onsen. Since 2006 Yasuragi has been owned and operated by Nordic Hotels & Resorts AB/AS, part of Petter Stordalen´s Strawberry Hospitality Group. Developing and improving is important to us, which is why continuous investments are made to refine the unique concept Yasuragi.


Experience the perfect combination of the Swedish archipelago and the Japanese garden principles. Serenity Garden stretches down to the water´s edge. Swedish cherry trees, Japanese maples, magnolia trees and bambu are amongst the archipelago landscape. The contrast between movement and calmness, hiking and resting, nature and garden creates an atmosphere for you to discover more of who you are.
In the garden you will also find the so-called Rundillen. It consists of wooden floors from an unknown wood and its surrounding ledges of dry stone masonry construction. Rundillen moves concentration inward and vertically: the heavens and the earth. Here is a place for quiet meditation or why not invite the group for a drink before dinner with breath-taking views of Höggarnsfjärden Bay. Serenity Garden will be around for a long time. In tune with nature´s own pace and the rhythm of the garden will, however, evolve over time. The only constant is variability. Gunilla Bandolin, together with the landskape architect group NOD, received the prestigious honour of turning the archipelago into a peaceful place with Japanese overtones.