For visit 22/12 + 31/12 you can stay until 4.00 pm in the spa, after that we close. On the 25/12 we open kl 13.00.

We also want to inform that our Japanese bath will be focusing on relaxation. There will not be swimming pool in the new bath area. We welcome you to a new experience of inner peace and harmony.

Visit us often? Then we suggest a Spa Card. You get 10 visits at a favourable price. You must book in advance, online.

  • Your first time visiting , you will receive a start kit with a yukata, swimsuit (one-piece for women and swim shorts for men) and slippers which you will bring with you every time.
  • You may bring a guest with you. It costs a “punch” on your spa card. They receive the same perks as the cardholder except the swim kit which can be purchased for SEK 250.
  • The card is loaded with 10 punches and valid for two years
  • Monday-Thursday = 1 punch/visit
  • Friday-Sunday = 2 punches/visit
  • Activities and towel included with each visit
  • Entrance to the Japanese bath
  • Tea and fruit buffet
  • 25% discount in our restaurants including the Sake Bar (Drinks do not apply) Applies only when you clip your card in the bath.
  • 15% discount in our shops. Applies only when you clip your card in the bath.
  • We recommend booking time for lunch/dinner to guarantee a place.

Don’t forget to bring your card when you arrive.
Warm welcome!