Japanese bath

The Japanese Bath

Here you will find the Japanese ablution room. This is where you wash before entering the sauna or other bathing facilities. In Japan washing your body and bathing are two separate rituals. In the ablution room there is a wooden stool for you to sit on and wash yourself. This is where you start to relax and begin to find harmony and inner peace. Please note that our Japanese bath is a digital free zone!

After the ablution ritual you can relax in the hot springs under the pine trees or take a sauna with a view.
Opening hours in the Japanese Bath: 9.00 – 22.30 

Come As You Are

Visiting us is simple. Upon your arrival you´ll receive a yukata, a Japanese cotton robe, swimsuit (one-piece for women and swim shorts for men) and slippers. For hygienic reasons, we kindly ask you to use the swimwear we provide. That idea that everyone wears the same kind of yukata and swimwear is part of our concept in order to create simplicity and reduce redundant sensory impressions. This makes it easier for you to relax and just be.

In the bathing area we provide our lovely scented soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.

We offer fruit and green tea in the Japanese bath and there is a selection of raw foods and vegan dishes for you to purchase to help keep up your energy levels.


According to Japanese bathing tradition, the Japanese bath has a total photo and mobile ban. This applies to all digital tools, including reading plates. We want to offer a place where body and mind can recover properly. In order for the nervous system to get a chance to come into balance, it is necessary to turn off the digital sometimes and be present with what is here and now.

The mobile-free zone includes the entire Japanese bath with washing rooms, baths, hot springs, treatment rooms, the lounge at the bath and Dojo. Leave your phone in the locker or in the hotel room.
We ask you to respect this.

If you want to have a photo from our Japanese bath to share in social media, you will find some pictures here to download.


To make sure you get the most out of your visit with us, we recommend you to read our introduction.
Here you will learn how to bathe like they do in Japan and leave your worries behind.

The introduction we be up shortly